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Falz - 5thAFRIMA | All Africa Music Awards

Falz, Nigerian Multi Talented Entertainer

Falz have proven to us that his musical talent is rare, exceptional and versatile. It is mixed with brilliance and creativity. His growth in the music industry have left lots of his fans impressed and desiring more. We are certain that this young guy will be here for a while. He introduced a different style into the Nigerian music scene,…

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Zeynab Abib | All Africa Music Awards 5thAFRIMA

Zeynab Abib; the Beninese Music Icon

Zeynab Abib is a Beninese music icon, born Oloukèmi Zeynab Abibou. She is a renowned singer and song writer, passionate about music and her tradition. She proficiently combines RnB and the Beninese (Yoruba) culture with a fusion of native idioms and modern musical instruments, thereby, preserving the African traditional sound. Zeynab released her first album ‘intori’ in 2002, and has since been celebrated…

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Dark Suburb- AFRIMA

Dark Suburb; Ghana’s First Alternative Rock Band

Dark Suburb Ghana’s  first Alternative Rock Band ‘Dark Suburb’ consist of anonymous talented musicians (guitarist, pianist, drummers, singer) who wear skeleton mask as a form of identity. The band consist of 5 musicians and a poet, who acts as their Chief Priest and band leader. They have been able to combine rock with all forms of African style of music.…

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Becca Africa | All Africa Music Awards AFRIMA


Becca is a Ghanaian Singer, Humanitarian, and Entrepreneur, born as Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong in August 15, 1984. Her debut album, Sugar, released in 2007, contains 12 songs and was recorded in English and Twi. Sugar was launched in South Africa alongside Hugh Masekela’s Live at the Market Theatre album. Becca’s second album, Time 4 Me, was released in 2013.…

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Ahmed Soultan - AFRIMA

Ahmed Soultan

Ahmed Soultan (أحمد سلطان; born June 17, 1978) is a Moroccan singer artist, and one of the figureheads of the “Nayda”, the new Moroccan scene. He is the renowned precursor of a new style called the Afrobian Soul (Afro-Arabian Soul). His albums include ‘Music Has No Boundaries’ (2004), ‘Tolerance’ (2005) and ‘Code’ (2009). Singing in four languages (Amazigh, Arabic, English…

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Emtee, Best Male Artist in Southern Africa

Emtee: Best Male Artist in Southern Africa

Born Mthembeni Ndevu, (September 15, 1992) also known as Emtee The Hustler is an indigene of Matatiele, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. He is a Rapper, Record producer, and best known for his debut hit single, “Roll Up”. Wizkid and South African rapper AKA featured on the official re-release of his single, which eMTee called “Roll Up Re-Up”. He performed on…

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