Robert Ekukole: 5th AFRIMA Juror

Robert Ekukole is a renowned Cameroonian media and music professional with 29 years of experience in media and broadcasting. He is well known for his monumental contribution to the broadcast industry in his country. His revolutionary skills and innovations in the electronic medium have brought about great leaps and bounds in his career.

With a life span career in broadcasting, he has shown great dedication to his craft at the national Cameroon Radio, TV network (CRTV), where he currently serves as the Director of  TV Programmes and Production. Some of his notable works include the production and direction of all international and national sporting events in Cameroon (including the theme songs), training of journalists, artistic innovations on TV newscasts, the conception and production of a TV programme on Tourism called “Cameroon Safari” and designed the first locally produced TV news set.

Ekukole has consulted for UNESCO, Rwanda, Nelson McCann Ericsson, Douala, German Technical Cooperation in Cameroon among others. He won the Jeunes Television Award for RFO-AITV Best Documentary in 2000, Cameroon Press Awards for Best TV Documentary and Best TV Producer in 2001 and 2000 respectively.

With all of these inherent qualities, he brings to bear his experience, serving as a juror on the 5th AFRIMA adjudication process.

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